Word up

Think of all the writers festivals you’ve ever been to or heard about. Now take that, turn it upside down, shake it up – and you have the Noted Festival, Canberra’s very first “experimental festival of words”. From a literary bar hop to a bunch of online-only activities to collaborations between performers and writers, Noted […]

The imperfect murder

The old adage has it that truth is stranger than fiction. It could be argued that nowhere is this truer than in crime fiction. At first glance it might seem like this proposition couldn’t possibly hold water. Many of the events that happen in crime fiction are easily out of the ordinary for the average […]

The sell: publisher vs author

Words on a page exist to be read. And if you’ve written a book and have just landed a publisher for it, you most probably want it to be read – and by as many people as possible. The number of readers you’ll have, however, will be determined by how many people know about your […]

The Japan series: the gold of small things

Haiku is treated with reverence in Japan and its practitioners number around 8 million within the country alone. Outside of the country, haiku has its fans, but like many non-Japanese who encounter it, I lacked an awareness of the complexity and history behind this three-lined poetry. In visiting Japan, I sought to redress this. I […]

Every love story is a ghost story

There are some authors who are so adept at creating their fictional world, you can practically close your eyes and see yourself there. Some books are so vivid in its described geography that you could almost draw a map of the location based on the proffered details. In reading Christine Paice’s first novel, a young […]