2016 Sydney Writers Festival

Australia’s biggest literary event is almost upon us once again: the Sydney Writers Festival. This year more than 400 Australian and 60 international writers will be converging on Walsh Bay, and other venues across Sydney. You’ve no doubt already heard about a few of the big draws: Gloria Steinem, Jonathan Franzen, Jeanette Winterson, Anna Funder, […]

The Art of Literary Translation

There is a wealth of literature out there that we will only ever get to read a fraction of. Time is certainly an impediment. There’s also lack of access. But a big part of it is that they’re written in languages we don’t understand. Helping to address this are the literary translators of the world, […]

Everyone’s a critic

There is no shortage of opinions on the internet. Everywhere you look – personal websites, Twitter, Facebook, comment feeds – there are people giving their views on what they’ve watched, heard or read. And what they think you should watch, listen to or read. What then do seasoned critics bring to the table? What is […]

2015 Sydney Writers Festival

The Sydney Writers Festival is nearly upon us once again. It’s a week of books, storytelling and ideas. This year, more than 400 Australian and 45 international guests will descend upon Walsh Bay and other locations around Sydney to talk about all things writing related as well as lead workshops in how to write music […]

The business of freelancing

The story of how Tim Richards came to be a freelance travel writer goes like this. He was working regular office job for the internet company LookSmart writing content. It was 2003, the year before Facebook started and the year Google launched Google Books. Redundancies were on the verge of sweeping through his company, so […]