Every love story is a ghost story

There are some authors who are so adept at creating their fictional world, you can practically close your eyes and see yourself there. Some books are so vivid in its described geography that you could almost draw a map of the location based on the proffered details. In reading Christine Paice‚Äôs first novel, a young […]

The Romantics

In 1967 The Beatles told us that love is all we need. In 1973 England, Rebecca Budde has the sort of crush on the red haired sort-of guitarist Dave that only a 15 year old girl can have. But just as she and Dave actually begin to see each other, the Budde family up and […]

Why be happy when you could be normal?

UK literary darling Jeanette Winterson captivated a nation with her semi-autobiography Oranges are not the only fruit, about her upbringing by her adoptive Evangelist parents in Lancashire in the 1960s. Written when she was only 25, she tells the story of how she had been on the path to becoming a missionary when she fell […]