Tell them to get lost: Brian Thacker

If someone were to take a poll on the best job in the world, topping the list would undoubtedly be travel writer. Okay – rock star, supermodel, Kate Upton’s masseuse, and then travel writer. It’s right up there, anyway. UK-born Brian Thacker is one of the lucky few who more or less fell into the […]

Without reservations: Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain’s no-holds-barred account of sex, drugs and mad times working in restaurant kitchens, saw him going from New York chef to celebrity, back in the days when being a celebrity chef was still a novelty. Since the release of his 2000 memoir, Anthony has written more books and entertained and informed millions […]

Portrait of a prolific author

It’s said of some people who are super-humanly productive that they must not get any sleep. I’ve always pooh-poohed that phrase, but in the case of Canberra author Craig Cormick, it seems the only explanation. He wrote his first book at 23, and since then has had published over 20 books, including eight collections of […]