Love is a Mix Tape

Every morning as I’m walking to my new desk at my new job, I glance down at the row of placards leaned up against the window of one of the offices. Usually when I pass by, the occupant of the office has yet to arrive so it’s dim inside. The placards beckon, reminiscent of museum […]

The business of freelancing

The story of how Tim Richards came to be a freelance travel writer goes like this. He was working regular office job for the internet company LookSmart writing content. It was 2003, the year before Facebook started and the year Google launched Google Books. Redundancies were on the verge of sweeping through his company, so […]

The Japan series: a room of one’s own

For the final in this series, I present a conversation with Yashi, the owner and manager of the lovely IchiEnSou Guesthouse where I stayed in Kyoto. It’s also where Ryan and Tyler from the first in this series stayed too, while I was there. Yashi did his tertiary degree at the University of Tasmania; hence […]

The Japan series: the gold of small things

Haiku is treated with reverence in Japan and its practitioners number around 8 million within the country alone. Outside of the country, haiku has its fans, but like many non-Japanese who encounter it, I lacked an awareness of the complexity and history behind this three-lined poetry. In visiting Japan, I sought to redress this. I […]

The Japan series: against all odds

In 2011, what feels like a century ago now, I spent two weeks in Japan. The first week was dedicated to taking in Tokyo while the last seven days were split between Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Along the way, I befriended two American boys, Tyler and Ryan, who were fresh out of Caltech. I met […]

Good morning, Vietnam!

Only when you’re travelling could you find yourself spending an entire day with a complete stranger. The place was Hanoi. The stranger in question was Guy, a French-Armenian who had for the last twenty years called Philadelphia home. We met at breakfast, at the dining spot where I was sent by my hotel to get […]