2016 Sydney Writers Festival

Australia’s biggest literary event is almost upon us once again: the Sydney Writers Festival. This year more than 400 Australian and 60 international writers will be converging on Walsh Bay, and other venues across Sydney. You’ve no doubt already heard about a few of the big draws: Gloria Steinem, Jonathan Franzen, Jeanette Winterson, Anna Funder, […]

Everyone’s a critic

There is no shortage of opinions on the internet. Everywhere you look – personal websites, Twitter, Facebook, comment feeds – there are people giving their views on what they’ve watched, heard or read. And what they think you should watch, listen to or read. What then do seasoned critics bring to the table? What is […]

2015 Sydney Writers Festival

The Sydney Writers Festival is nearly upon us once again. It’s a week of books, storytelling and ideas. This year, more than 400 Australian and 45 international guests will descend upon Walsh Bay and other locations around Sydney to talk about all things writing related as well as lead workshops in how to write music […]

Talking brain food with Dr Karl

Dr Karl has long reigned as Australia’s public face – and voice – of science. As Triple J’s resident Thursday morning scientist, Dr Karl has answered innumerate questions ranging from the absurd to the profound. Within Australia, he has arguably done for peer-reviewed literature what Anthony Bourdain has done for Vietnam. Dr Karl has also […]

Without reservations: Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain’s no-holds-barred account of sex, drugs and mad times working in restaurant kitchens, saw him going from New York chef to celebrity, back in the days when being a celebrity chef was still a novelty. Since the release of his 2000 memoir, Anthony has written more books and entertained and informed millions […]

Why be happy when you could be normal?

UK literary darling Jeanette Winterson captivated a nation with her semi-autobiography Oranges are not the only fruit, about her upbringing by her adoptive Evangelist parents in Lancashire in the 1960s. Written when she was only 25, she tells the story of how she had been on the path to becoming a missionary when she fell […]