Where the wild things are

On our second day in DPRK, a surprise came up that offered a departure from our itinerary. The option was presented to us: we could either go bowling as planned, and hit up a cafĂ© afterwards, or, for $35, we could go to the circus. I picked the circus. I’d never been to the circus […]

A long way down: the Juche Tower in Pyongyang

On a clear day in Pyongyang, from the top of the Juche Tower, you can almost see tomorrow. Well, our tour group couldn’t actually see tomorrow, but we did get a lovely panoramic view of the city. The Juche Tower was built to commemorate President Kim Il-sung’s 70th birthday. It stands 170 metres tall and […]

New Year’s Eve in Pyongyang

Back when I was living in Perth, a regular New Year’s Eve consisted of going out with the friend of mine who was normally the best pick for such an occasion – the friend out of the few that I had who was most interested in having a good time in the boozing and dancing […]

Getting a good night’s sleep in DPRK

The place we called home for four nights was the sort-of-not-quite-four-star Yanggakdo Hotel, located on Yanggak Island. I’d joked before about how you’d need to be a strong swimmer to get off the island if you wanted to sneak away, but that would’ve been totally unnecessary. The swimming part, that is. Because there’s actually a […]

Welcome to DPRK

For a visiting foreign national, there are two ways into DPRK: by plane or by train. In flying, you have the choice of their national carrier, Air Koryo… or Air Koryo. If something comes up and Air Koryo suddenly is not in a position to fly you home – such as we were told the […]