Dangerous liaisons

Conventional wisdom has it that the key to happiness is a stable, committed monogamous relationship. We’re told that its antithesis, non-monogamy, could only spell disaster. And besides – why would people forsake security for anything else? Israeli-Australian author Lee Kofman is well-versed in these arguments. In her new book The Dangerous Bride: A Memoir of […]

Wide open spaces

Retired geologist Alastair Stewart spent 40 years of his life systematically mapping the northern half of the Australian continent. He worked in some of the most isolated pockets of the country, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town, spent countless nights sleeping under the stars and countless days at the mercy of the harsh Australian […]

Enemy of the State

Jang Jin-sung was one of Pyongyang’s elite, a young and ambitious poet who had been admitted into Kim Jong-il’s inner circle. He spent his days masquerading as a South Korean, crafting poetry for publication in South Chosun that sang the praises of the Dear Leader and General Kim Il-sung. By all appearances Mr Jang was […]

Lust for life

In the early 1980s, Rayya Elias’ upward trajectory seemed unstoppable. Her music career was taking off, her hairstyling skills were high in demand – she was making it in big, bad, beautiful New York City. But the drug use which was inseparable from the music scene, and which had dogged Rayya her whole life, grew […]

This is not a self-help book: Fit, Fifty and Fired Up

Over the last decade, Nigel Marsh has written and published three books that chronicle his journey from Fat Forty to Fit Fifty. From being an overweight, overworked, then unemployed advertising executive to someone who had regained his fitness, rediscovered what was important to him and best of all, reconnected with his family. In narrating his […]