Ramona Koval: 2012 Manning Clark lecture

Ramona Koval spent 5 years as the presenter of ABC Radio National’s much-loved Book Show. She hasn’t only interviewed authors though – throughout her 30 year-long broadcasting career, she has written and released many books of her own. A life in the media and arts hadn’t always been Ramona’s calling. Few people know, but she […]

Press freedom in Fiji

After the military-led coup of 2006, being a journalist in Fiji got a whole lot tougher – to say the least. From intimidation, armed intervention, to self-censorship, the Fijian press has definitely seen better days. To get an inside view of those early days of the changing order and the years that followed, I spoke […]

Michael Brissenden’s American Stories

ABC reporter Michael Brissenden spent two years as Washington Correspondent following one of the most momentous events of recent US history: the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. He covered the major breaking stories in the US between July 2009 and November 2012, but in between, Michael sought out […]

Inside Shop Til You Drop magazine

Their glossy pages and brilliant colour pictures fill our news stands, but how does it all come together? More importantly, what goes into the making of a successful Australian fashion magazine and what does it take to work for one? To explore these questions, I interviewed former editor of Shop Til You Drop magazine, Justine […]