The joy of cooking

Cooking, as we all know, involves combining an assortment of ingredients to create something great. As it would happen, what it creates and the process of cooking itself also brings people together. This idea is no truer than for the Monday Morning Cooking Club, six friends who have been cooking together every Monday morning since […]

Rethinking chick-lit

It’s the genre of books that’s frequently dismissed as the lightweight of an otherwise hefty medium. Chick-lit: where friends are forever and the drink of choice is the cosmopolitan. Scratch the surface though, and you’ll see that they’re not always just frivolous fantasies brought to life on the page. Sometimes, they’re the spoonful of sugar […]

Editing The Tea Chest: A fine blend of expertise

As every good writer knows, getting words down on a page is only half the battle when writing a book – writing anything, really. We might know what we want to say, but whether we have accomplished it by the time we’ve dropped the last full stop is another question. This is where reviewing and […]

Just add water

Take one brilliant tea designer. Add a gutsy woman newly separated from her husband. Sprinkle in another woman recently fired. Brew for 359 pages and you have a delightful first novel from author Josephine Moon. The Tea Chest interweaves the stories of Kate, Leila and Elizabeth, who come together to realise Kate’s dream of opening […]