2016 Young at Heart Film Festival

It’s the world’s only film festival for senior citizens, and it’s back for its 11th season. The Young at Heart Film Festival returns to Canberra and Sydney on 1 April before travelling onwards to Melbourne and Brisbane. The festival brings with it a diverse line-up that’s sure to tug on heartstrings as well as make […]

2015 Italian Film Festival

To Australians, he’s best known for his long-running role as Inspector Montalbano. To Italians, he’s a versatile actor and director of the stage and screen – in addition to being the Commissario. Luca Zingaretti was the special guest at this year’s Italian Film Festival, back for its 16th instalment. He stars in two of the […]


From the star of Wolf Creek comes a film in which the predator becomes the prey. StalkHer (2015) is a new Australian film co-starring John Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax, who also take turns directing. Jarratt plays a doctor, Jack, who lets his obsession with a nurse, Emily, get the better of him when he breaks […]

2015 AICE Israeli Film Festival

The programme for the AICE Israeli Film Festival received a makeover this year under Richard Moore, who took over as artistic director. From Australian and world premiering films to classics of Israeli cinema, stories of Israeli immigrants, tensions between the Jewish state and its neighbour, to the local queer community – there’s a mix of […]

The Director is the Commander

It’s sometimes said that inspiration can arise from the most unlikely of sources. For documentary filmmaker Anna Broinowski, inspiration came in the form of Dear Leader Kim Jong il. Specifically, his manifesto The Cinema and Directing. Anna decided to make a short anti-fracking film that followed the Dear Leader’s rules of propaganda filmmaking. This film […]