Truth takes time

Canberra author Mark Henshaw had a stellar literary debut with Out of the Line of Fire, which was one of the highest selling works of literary fiction in Australia in the 1980s. Twenty five years on, Mark is back with his first solo effort since then; a novel that is as mesmerising as it is […]

The heartbreak kid

Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project was a worldwide smash, selling more than a million countries in over 40 countries. Its protagonist Don Tillman checked all the right boxes for a romantic comedy leading man: attractive, steady job, intelligent. Well, all but one: Don has Aspeger’s syndrome. The very quirks which led Don to being unsuccessful […]

Every love story is a ghost story

There are some authors who are so adept at creating their fictional world, you can practically close your eyes and see yourself there. Some books are so vivid in its described geography that you could almost draw a map of the location based on the proffered details. In reading Christine Paice’s first novel, a young […]

The Romantics

In 1967 The Beatles told us that love is all we need. In 1973 England, Rebecca Budde has the sort of crush on the red haired sort-of guitarist Dave that only a 15 year old girl can have. But just as she and Dave actually begin to see each other, the Budde family up and […]

Editing The Tea Chest: A fine blend of expertise

As every good writer knows, getting words down on a page is only half the battle when writing a book – writing anything, really. We might know what we want to say, but whether we have accomplished it by the time we’ve dropped the last full stop is another question. This is where reviewing and […]

Just add water

Take one brilliant tea designer. Add a gutsy woman newly separated from her husband. Sprinkle in another woman recently fired. Brew for 359 pages and you have a delightful first novel from author Josephine Moon. The Tea Chest interweaves the stories of Kate, Leila and Elizabeth, who come together to realise Kate’s dream of opening […]