The Truth According to Us

It’s 1938 and darn hot in the fictional town of Macedonia, West Virginia. Young Willa Romeyn is out to discover all the adults’ secrets. Out-of-towner Layla Beck is on a similar truth-seeking mission, and has arrived in Macedonia to chronicle its history. The problem with such quests is that one tends to uncover more than […]

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

In sitting down to write her first book, Kathryn Barker decided to write about something that really scared her. And as a mother, what scared her more than anything was the phenomenon of mass school shootings. Her novel In the Skin of a Monster begins three years after a school shooting in a fictional rural […]

2015 Australian Romance Readers Convention

Back in March, I attended the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Convention, where I had the pleasure of chatting to a bunch of attendees and a few authors. The convention is a biennial event run by the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA), which I thank for helping to facilitate the conversations featured below. I went to […]

Ties that bind

Family secrets are often of the explosive variety, the type that cut the deepest. The final book in Nigel Featherstone’s ‘Launceston’ trilogy centres around secrets held by the upper crust Albury family, the darkest of which has stayed buried for many years. Wayward son Canning sets out to change that on the weekend of his […]

The imperfect murder

The old adage has it that truth is stranger than fiction. It could be argued that nowhere is this truer than in crime fiction. At first glance it might seem like this proposition couldn’t possibly hold water. Many of the events that happen in crime fiction are easily out of the ordinary for the average […]