Lost in translation

They say non-verbal communication is really important, that it’s something like 80% of how we communicate. But when I’m travelling in a place where English is not the spoken language, it makes me question just how experts could give shared verbal communication only 20% of the credit. To backtrack – I had taken the train […]

The Forbidden City

I remember when I first moved to Canberra, thinking how strange it was that I would soon regularly commute past Australian icons like Parliament House, and drive past the PM’s residence like it was just another house. I wondered how it would be to settle into the rhythms of life in the nation’s capital and […]

From Beijing, with love

Community star Joel McHale delivered more fat jokes at governor Chris Christie’s expense than was probably warranted at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner a few nights ago. The zinger that comes to mind now as I consider my time in Beijing was, ‘Wow. You, sir, are a glutton – for punishment.’ Guilty as charged. Although […]