Once upon a story

Stories are a constant in our everyday lives. From that voice on the radio singing about heartbreak to the colleague who tells you about the crazy thing that happened to them over the weekend, they’re everywhere. And we all have our own stories, which we might keep to ourselves or share with a chosen few. […]

Closing the loop

Looking good and feeling good is the idea behind the new Canberra venture Three Sixty Fashion Market. There you’ll find fashion and homewares of the vintage, retro, recycled, and upcycled variety. The Three Sixty Fashion Market is headed up by Mel’OBrien of Librarian Chic and her creative partner Nathan Harris, and I was pleased to […]

Amen to that

Two years ago, British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans came up with a brilliant idea. They started with all the components of Christian church attendance, took God out of the equation, replaced the hymn book with a more contemporary pop-rock songsheet, and added tea and cake. The result was the Sunday Assembly. Its purpose? […]

Truth takes time

Canberra author Mark Henshaw had a stellar literary debut with Out of the Line of Fire, which was one of the highest selling works of literary fiction in Australia in the 1980s. Twenty five years on, Mark is back with his first solo effort since then; a novel that is as mesmerising as it is […]

A conversation with Frank Moorhouse

In the field of Australian literature, Frank Moorhouse looms large – much like his best known books, known as the Edith trilogy. Two-time shortlisted nominee and one-time winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award, Frank released the final book of the trilogy, Cold Light, in 2012. Set in Canberra in the 1950s, Edith Campbell Berry’s […]

Angels and demons: Conflux 8 radio special

You’ve heard of Comic Con, but do you know Conflux? Australian lovers of sci-fi, fantasy and horror certainly do. It’s Canberra’s annual speculative fiction convention, drawing top Australian and international authors and artists of speculative fiction for a series of workshops, panel discussions and more. I attended Conflux 8 in 2012 and had the pleasure […]