The Director is the Commander

It’s sometimes said that inspiration can arise from the most unlikely of sources. For documentary filmmaker Anna Broinowski, inspiration came in the form of Dear Leader Kim Jong il. Specifically, his manifesto The Cinema and Directing. Anna decided to make a short anti-fracking film that followed the Dear Leader’s rules of propaganda filmmaking. This film […]

The Art of Literary Translation

There is a wealth of literature out there that we will only ever get to read a fraction of. Time is certainly an impediment. There’s also lack of access. But a big part of it is that they’re written in languages we don’t understand. Helping to address this are the literary translators of the world, […]

2015 Sydney Writers Festival

The Sydney Writers Festival is nearly upon us once again. It’s a week of books, storytelling and ideas. This year, more than 400 Australian and 45 international guests will descend upon Walsh Bay and other locations around Sydney to talk about all things writing related as well as lead workshops in how to write music […]

2015 Australian Romance Readers Convention

Back in March, I attended the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Convention, where I had the pleasure of chatting to a bunch of attendees and a few authors. The convention is a biennial event run by the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA), which I thank for helping to facilitate the conversations featured below. I went to […]

Bright lights, big city

The enduring symbols of Australia point to times past, when the country was borne on the sheep’s back and rural living was just life. In 2015 Australia has become one of the world’s most urbanised countries, with three-quarters of us calling cities with populations greater than 100,000 people home. But while urban living has brought […]