2015 Sydney Writers Festival

The Sydney Writers Festival is nearly upon us once again. It’s a week of books, storytelling and ideas. This year, more than 400 Australian and 45 international guests will descend upon Walsh Bay and other locations around Sydney to talk about all things writing related as well as lead workshops in how to write music […]

Bright lights, big city

The enduring symbols of Australia point to times past, when the country was borne on the sheep’s back and rural living was just life. In 2015 Australia has become one of the world’s most urbanised countries, with three-quarters of us calling cities with populations greater than 100,000 people home. But while urban living has brought […]

Ties that bind

Family secrets are often of the explosive variety, the type that cut the deepest. The final book in Nigel Featherstone’s ‘Launceston’ trilogy centres around secrets held by the upper crust Albury family, the darkest of which has stayed buried for many years. Wayward son Canning sets out to change that on the weekend of his […]

All the small things

We’ve heard it before: ‘Twice is coincidence. Three times is a pattern.’ What this refrain gets at is another pithy statement – that the little things all add up. This holds for a range of examples, be it ice core readings or a husband repeatedly returning home suspiciously late from work. And, it seems, a […]

The man in the iron mask

Ned Kelly went to the gallows in 1880 but his legend has lived on and remained a source of fascination. In 2009, interest in the iconic bushranger was re-ignited when Western Australian farmer Tom Baxter turned in what was believed to be Kelly’s skull to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. At the time, VIFM […]