Half a Page of Scribbled Lines


You jump, I jump Jack

There’s something freeing about letting go. Of deciding, there’s nothing more I can do to affect the outcome. Put simply, accepting the mantra: so be it. My first brush with this kind of fatalism occurred three years ago at 12,000 feet above beautiful Queenstown. It was the aerial equivalent of what Lorelai Gilmore described as […]

A few of my favourite things #19

1. What are those kids doing with that enormous gun? In the wake of the most recent school shootings in the United States, I realise that it may be somewhat controversial to endorse an article with such a headline. But actually, the latest tragedy underscores some of the key themes of this Atlantic piece. It’s […]

Goodbye to all that

By the time I arrived home, they were already there. Their oversized truck was blocking my driveway, so I parked alongside the front curb. There on the asphalt was the gleaming aluminium tomb I had last seen four days prior. Patiently awaiting relocation to a setting more becoming of it. I unlocked my front door […]

A good night

1:30am. Far more tired than three people under 30 should’ve been for not very late on a Saturday night. We began in the bar and finished up in the hotel lounge. . With a nod to Ann Friedman’s amazing pie charts, here is a graphical representation of the evening that was. #oscarsfarewell #thethrillofitall

A few of my favourite things #18

1. Extreme de-cluttering. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine was decrying the way society obsessively puts labels on things. He was referring not only to how we now have more genders than there are flavours of Baskin-Robbins, but also the different descriptors for all relationship types other than monogamy. I respectfully disagreed […]

Camera obscura

It’s a lovely sunny Saturday in Melbourne. You’re doing a spot of shopping – of the variety where anything goes. For instance, you happened to walk into a shoe store called Novo and re-emerge with a pair of ankle boots that were $30, marked down from $80. You’re wandering through the Bourke Street Mall, approaching […]