Half a Page of Scribbled Lines


A few of my favourite things #22

1. The ISIS bureaucracy. Within the flood of new stories telling us the latest in horrific deeds by ISIS there is this. Something so incongruous, something completely unexpected. Behind the beheadings and cage burnings is a strange calm, a methodical move to become legitimate. A great article in The Guardian about ISIS busy with the […]

A few of my favourite things #21

1. Is it okay to listen to R.Kelly? When it comes to light that a celebrity has done a bad, bad thing, it appears that the calculus that occurs as to how they are consequently judged hinges on four things. 1) the seriousness of their crime(s) and whether they are a repeat offender. 2) who […]

To have and to hold

When I was 11 or 12 years old, I acquired a hardcover copy of Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho. For those unfamiliar with it, A) I don’t blame you and B) It’s a fucking brick. Bigger than a brick, actually, although I am remembering it through a child’s eyes and doesn’t everything seem bigger […]

Between the lines

I’m not a person who has a whole lot of superstitions. But when it comes to flying, I have two. They are so discreet and so innocuous that if you were to travel with me regularly, you wouldn’t catch on. If you were to record my every movement on each flight I took and compare […]

A few of my favourite things #20

1. Nihilistic password security questions. Ensuring that only your true friends will be able to hack your email. Thanks McSweeney’s! 2. Quantico. Ever a sucker for a CIA/FBI-themed show with a hot, kick-arse female lead, Quantico has again made me a slave to the weekly TV cycle. Nice comedic moment from the most recent episode: […]

Love is a Mix Tape

Every morning as I’m walking to my new desk at my new job, I glance down at the row of placards leaned up against the window of one of the offices. Usually when I pass by, the occupant of the office has yet to arrive so it’s dim inside. The placards beckon, reminiscent of museum […]