Authors (A – K)

+ Keri Arthur – On her books and speculative fiction
+ Max Barry – Machine Man
+ Anthony Bourdain – On his books and food
+ Michael Brissenden – American Stories: Tales of Hope and Anger
+ Vikram Chandra – Geek Sublime: Writing fiction, coding software
+ Craig Cormick – Ned Kelly Under the Microscope and profile
+ Andrew Croome – Midnight Empire, and on Document Z and success
+ Rayya Elias – Harley Loco: A memoir of hard living, hair and post-punk from the Middle East to the Lower East Side
+ Geraldine Doogue – The Climb: Conversations with women in power
+ Steve Dublanica – Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter
+ Nigel Featherstone – The Beach Volcano
+ Ashley Hay (ed) – The Best Australian Science Writing 2014
+ Jennifer Michael Hecht – Stay: A history of suicide and the philosophies against it
+ Anita Heiss – On chick lit
+ Holly Hill – On Sugarbabe: The controversial real story of a woman in search of a sugar daddy and success
+ Katherine Howell – On writing murders for crime fiction
+ Jang Jin-sung – Dear Leader: North Korea’s senior propagandist exposes shocking truths behind the regime
+ Melanie Joosten – Berlin Syndrome
+ Jacqueline Kent – The Making of Julia Gillard
+ Lee Kofman – The Dangerous Bride
+ Will Kostakis – On Loathing Lola and success
+ Ramona Koval – On her books and the 2012 Manning Clark lecture
+ Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – Brain Food

Authors (L – Z)

+ Gregory Mackay – Anders and the Comet
+ Andrew MacKenzie (ed) – Canberra Red: Stories from the bush capital
+ Nigel Marsh – Fit, Fifty and Fired Up
+ Anne Manne – The Life of I: The New Culture of Narcissism
+ Dr Bryan Mendelson – In your face: the hidden history of plastic surgery and why looks matter
+ Josephine Moon – The Tea Chest
+ Frank Moorhouse – Cold Light
+ Christine Paice – The Word Ghost
+ Bernard Salt – More Decent Obsessions
+ Lisa Scharoun – America at the mall: the cultural role of a retail utopia
+ Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Effect
+ Alastair Stewart – Somersaults in the Sand: Adventures in the Geological Mapping of Australia
+ Brian Thacker – On travel writing
+ SD Thorpe – Getting Up
+ Sarah Turnbull – All Good Things
+ Jeanette Winterson – Why be Happy When You Could be Normal?

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  1. Hello Evana

    Hope you enjoyed the presentation by Mark Latham. He raised a number of interesting issues and was amusing in the process.

    Cheers. Christopher.

    • I did! Very entertaining indeed. I was interested to hear how he would string together various topics and keep the energy levels up given it was just him and the microphone for half an hour.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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