2016 Sydney Writers Festival

Australia’s biggest literary event is almost upon us once again: the Sydney Writers Festival. This year more than 400 Australian and 60 international writers will be converging on Walsh Bay, and other venues across Sydney. You’ve no doubt already heard about a few of the big draws: Gloria Steinem, Jonathan Franzen, Jeanette Winterson, Anna Funder, […]

The Art of Reading

We know that books are transporting objects, taking us everywhere from Dickensian England to the dystopic futures of William Gibson’s imaginings. Emily Dickinson said that ‘There is no frigate like a book/ To take us lands away’. We reflect little, however, on the virtues reading demands of us and which it fosters – virtues such […]

Anything could happen

For many people, the concept of music is that it’s something definable, consistent and predictable. Most of all: it is replicable, whether it’s a three minute pop song or a 15 minute sonata. Experimental music breaks all these rules. You never quite know what might happen, what concordance of sounds might be produced. As one […]

Without a trace

In Ghost Girls, a young Chinese student leaps to her death from her school building. Her English language teacher Sophie Sandilands feels compelled to understand why. Sophie’s investigations lead her down a rabbit hole of student visa fraud and the dark underbelly of Sydney’s Chinatown – along with bringing up painful memories from her past. […]

2016 Young at Heart Film Festival

It’s the world’s only film festival for senior citizens, and it’s back for its 11th season. The Young at Heart Film Festival returns to Canberra and Sydney on 1 April before travelling onwards to Melbourne and Brisbane. The festival brings with it a diverse line-up that’s sure to tug on heartstrings as well as make […]

The signature of all things

Great design is something we often take for granted. Whether it’s walking into a stranger’s house and feeling immediately at home or a piece of furniture that is both stylish and functional, we tend not to think about the thought and creativity that makes an environment or object what it is. For nine days in […]