Mayan Mendacity

Canberra’s own intermillennial sleuth Dr Elizabeth Pimms returns in the second book of LJ Owen’s archaeological mystery series.

The mystery at the centre of LJ’s new book involves skeletal remains recovered from an island in Guatemala, which are linked to Mayan princess Lady Six Sky. But how?

Dr Pimms is on the case.

The wonderful LJ Owen returned to the ArtSound studio to talk to me about Mayan Mendacity.

Mayan Mendacity will be launched on 3 November at the National Library by Lish Fejer from 666 ABC Canberra. More details here.

Listen to my interview with LJ about her first Dr Pimms novel, Olmec Obituary.

Mayan Mendacity is published by Echo Publishing.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 29 October 2016.


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