The Art of Reading

We know that books are transporting objects, taking us everywhere from Dickensian England to the dystopic futures of William Gibson’s imaginings. Emily Dickinson said that ‘There is no frigate like a book/ To take us lands away’.

We reflect little, however, on the virtues reading demands of us and which it fosters – virtues such as patience, courage and temperance.

A new book by philosopher Damon Young explores six virtues of reading, and he offers an insight into his own reading practices and pleasures.

I spoke to Damon recently about his book The Art of Reading.

The Art of Reading is published by Melbourne University Publishing.

Damon will be appearing at a few events as part of the 2016 Sydney Writers Festival to talk about his new book and about everyday philosophy.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 16 April 2016.

The Art of Reading

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