Anything could happen

For many people, the concept of music is that it’s something definable, consistent and predictable. Most of all: it is replicable, whether it’s a three minute pop song or a 15 minute sonata.

Experimental music breaks all these rules. You never quite know what might happen, what concordance of sounds might be produced. As one of the pioneers of the form John Cage described, it’s ‘an act the outcome of which is unknown’.

Exciting no?

One of the biggest proponents and performers of experimental music around town is the ANU Experimental Music Studio. The EMS will be participating in three events in this year’s You Are Here festival.

I spoke to three of its members; Alec Hunter, Ben Drury and Chloe Hobbs about their events, and watched on as they performed a stunning improvised piece.

+ The ANU Experimental Music Studio will be at: Everything at once and all together, At Home, Pieces for cars, tunnel and hexagonal vents,
+ Find the full You Are Here festival program here:
+ Follow EMS on Facebook.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 9 April 2016.

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