From the star of Wolf Creek comes a film in which the predator becomes the prey.

StalkHer (2015) is a new Australian film co-starring John Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax, who also take turns directing. Jarratt plays a doctor, Jack, who lets his obsession with a nurse, Emily, get the better of him when he breaks into her house one balmy night. The tables are quickly turned, however, and Jack soon discovers that Emily is not the woman she seems to be.

Set almost entirely in Emily’s kitchen, with Jack tied to a chair for much of the running time, StalkHer is billed as an “inappropriately funny, dark, romantic thriller”.

John Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax stopped by the ArtSound studio last week, on their way to the Canberra special screening of StalkHer. We had a great conversation about the complex, incendiary dynamic between Jack and Emily, the intimacy of the production of the film, and baby boomer sex.

To download the audio, click on the down arrow icon.

StalkHer releases nationally on 27 August. Visit the StalkHer website and watch the music video for “Killer in Me”, which is performed by John Jarratt with backing vocals by Kaarin Fairfax.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 15 August 2015.

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