Everyone’s a critic

There is no shortage of opinions on the internet. Everywhere you look – personal websites, Twitter, Facebook, comment feeds – there are people giving their views on what they’ve watched, heard or read. And what they think you should watch, listen to or read.

What then do seasoned critics bring to the table? What is their place in this noisy world?

Veteran music writer and reviewer Bernard Zuel joined me to untangle these questions. He also offered some insights into the process of writing criticism and talked about why the star rating system is flawed.

Bernard Zuel will be leading a workshop on writing criticism at the Sydney Writers Festival on 18 May: So You Want to Be a Critic. He will also be part of the SWF panel discussion Everyone’s a Critic, But Should They Be?.

Visit his website: There is no Dana, there is only Zuel.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 16 May 2015.

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