The Canned Film Podcast Episode 3: While We’re Young

So, I know that in our second episode of The Canned Film Podcast, Andrew and I said that we would be reviewing Leviathan (2014) for our third episode, but that didn’t quite work out. We recorded our discussion of it, and it was blah, so it got relegated to the metaphorical bottom drawer.

Instead, we present to you a much more listenable discussion of Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young (2015). We cover fun themes such as growing older, being young, and authenticity in documentary filmmaking. And there are also some in-jokes built in to our conversation, including the one we open with, which we hope those who have seen While We’re Young will appreciate. And for everyone else, well, we hope you find some humour in them anyway.

Extra-show notes
+ Every time the name of this film has crossed my mind, the Lumineers’ song “Stubborn love” enters it immediately afterwards. I think it’s because it contains the line, When we were young, oh, oh we did enough.

Update 27/4/15
+ Just when you thought that I could do no wrong (ha), I end up somehow neglecting to include in the podcast the part where I deliver my synopsis of While We’re Young. This came to me today as I was turning over the beginning of the audio in my mind, thinking that it didn’t sound quite right. Quite correct – something was missing. But no longer, I have updated the clip above so that the podcast is now complete. And check for yourself – it sounds like it was there all along. Hoo-ray.

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