The Canned Film Podcast Episode 1: A Most Violent Year

Across history, there have been some great, formidable twosomes. You’ve got your Mulder and Scully, Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie. Ralph and his glue.

There’s another duo, of course, who are household names but only in Australia. David and Margaret. (No surnames needed).

Somewhat indulgently, somewhere during our post-mortem of our earlier discussion of Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), my friend Andrew and I fancied ourselves each other’s Margaret and David. We can talk at length about film and other topics, often disagreeing with each other’s opinions, but doing so respectfully and finding each other’s perspective fascinating.

Caught up in this moment of revelling in our great conversational chemistry, we decided we should start a podcast. We thought that it was only fair that we let others listen in on our scintillating discussions about film.

And so it was that we went and watched A Most Violent Year (2014) on Monday night and recorded the first of what will hopefully be many episodes of our brand new podcast: The Canned Film Podcast. I shan’t go into the minutiae of how we arrived at the name, but it basically is a little nudge at Cannes, Canberra, and the idea of film being ‘in the can’.

We recorded our conversation on my Zoom H2N in my living room so there’s a bit of an echo, and I’ve already told Andrew that we need to find somewhere with carpeting next time we do this.

In our discussion of JC Chandor’s third feature film, we not only run through your basic film stuff but let ourselves wander into other interesting directions like talking about the broken windows theory and the right way to do a hanging. (Disclaimer on the latter – I speak some half-truths on that topic).

Listen now:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

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