Amen to that

Two years ago, British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans came up with a brilliant idea. They started with all the components of Christian church attendance, took God out of the equation, replaced the hymn book with a more contemporary pop-rock songsheet, and added tea and cake.

The result was the Sunday Assembly. Its purpose? To connect people to each other and the world, and to inspire them to do good things.

Two years on, their idea has caught like wildfire and according to the Sunday Assembly HQ website, there are now over 180 SA congregations around the world including 16 in Australia.

Husband and wife Richie Merzian and Sonya Tirtajaya brought the Sunday Assembly to Canberra in November 2013, where it has found a happy home, spawning what seems like a dozen complementary activity groups ranging from slow cooking to philosophy. The Canberra assemblies start back up again on 8 February, following a break over Christmas. Richie and Sonya joined me in the studio to talk about the first assembly of the year and their bright plans for SA in 2015.

Listen now:

Visit the Sunday Assembly (Canberra) website:

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 1 February 2015.

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