Ties that bind

Family secrets are often of the explosive variety, the type that cut the deepest.

The final book in Nigel Featherstone’s ‘Launceston’ trilogy centres around secrets held by the upper crust Albury family, the darkest of which has stayed buried for many years. Wayward son Canning sets out to change that on the weekend of his father’s 80th birthday. He returns home after a 25 year absence to seek answers and to try to understand how his father could have done what he thinks he did.

Here’s my conversation with Nigel about his third novella, The Beach Volcano.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Beach Volcano is published by Blemish Books.

Visit Nigel’s website: Under the counter or a flutter in the dovecot.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 5 January 2015.

Beach Volcano

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