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Canberra author Mark Henshaw had a stellar literary debut with Out of the Line of Fire, which was one of the highest selling works of literary fiction in Australia in the 1980s. Twenty five years on, Mark is back with his first solo effort since then; a novel that is as mesmerising as it is chilling.

The Snow Kimono follows the retired Inspector Jovert who is forced to confront his past when he receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his daughter. He encounters a former Professor of Law, Tadashi Omura, who seeks Jovert’s help to come to terms with his own past, and that of his friend, the brilliant but manipulative Katsuo Ikeda.

As their stories unfold we learn of the deeds these men have done, the lies they told, and their tragic consequences.

Mark came into the studio to talk to me about The Snow Kimono.

Listen now:

The Snow Kimono is written by Mark Henshaw and published by Text Publishing.

Snow kimono

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