The man in the iron mask

Ned Kelly went to the gallows in 1880 but his legend has lived on and remained a source of fascination.

In 2009, interest in the iconic bushranger was re-ignited when Western Australian farmer Tom Baxter turned in what was believed to be Kelly’s skull to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. At the time, VIFM had been examining the remains of prisoners that had been exhumed from Pentridge Prison to determine if Kelly’s skeleton was among them.

What followed was a 20 month investigation that resulted in the identification of Kelly’s skeleton and the end of a decades’ long belief that the Baxter skull was Kelly’s.

A new book edited by Canberra author Craig Cormick tells the story of the investigation into Kelly’s remains. It describes the various scientific methods that were used to confirm that the bones were his – and reveals other interesting facts that were unearthed about the Kelly gang. The contributors to the book include the historians and experts from fields such as forensics and odontology who conducted the investigation.

Craig came into the studio to talk to me about Ned Kelly: Under the Microscope.

Listen now:

Ned Kelly: Under the Microscope is edited by Craig Cormick and published by CSIRO Publishing.

Visit Craig’s website:
Read my 2011 profile of Craig.

Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 5 and 18 October 2014.

Ned Kelly Under the Microscope

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