Dangerous liaisons

Conventional wisdom has it that the key to happiness is a stable, committed monogamous relationship. We’re told that its antithesis, non-monogamy, could only spell disaster. And besides – why would people forsake security for anything else?

Israeli-Australian author Lee Kofman is well-versed in these arguments. In her new book The Dangerous Bride: A Memoir of Love, Gods and Geography, she charts a long period of her life when she was non-monogamous and shares with us the results.

The Dangerous Bride takes us from Tel Aviv to Melbourne, through one destructive relationship and the slow disintegration of a marriage, and introduces us to others whose relationships were strengthened or marred by non-monogamy. She learns of a friend’s infidelity, speaks to a happy polyamorous “family”, and chronicles one of the most fiery threesomes of recent history: Ana├»s Nin and Henry and June Miller.

I spoke to the delightful Lee Kofman from Melbourne.

Listen now:

The Dangerous Bride: A Memoir of Love, Gods and Geography is written by Lee Kofman and published by Melbourne University Publishing.

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Interview broadcast on ArtSound FM.
Interview air date: 11 October 2014.

Dangerous Bride

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