The Japan series: a room of one’s own

For the final in this series, I present a conversation with Yashi, the owner and manager of the lovely IchiEnSou Guesthouse where I stayed in Kyoto. It’s also where Ryan and Tyler from the first in this series stayed too, while I was there.

Yashi did his tertiary degree at the University of Tasmania; hence his excellent English. Opening the guest house was one of his dreams. He took a regular house and made it into what it is today, with beautiful dark wooden furniture and an elaborate upstairs bathroom. We discuss briefly what his thinking was behind the look of the guesthouse.

We also talked a bit about the city and the district of Gion where IchiEnSou is located. Gion is a hub for geisha – or geiko, which is the local nomenclature. Yashi explained the proper conduct for foreigners when engaging with geiko.

At the end of our conversation he tells me his other dream, for which there can be no other adjective but charming. Well, sweet is another. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

Listen now:


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