The joy of cooking

Cooking, as we all know, involves combining an assortment of ingredients to create something great. As it would happen, what it creates and the process of cooking itself also brings people together.

This idea is no truer than for the Monday Morning Cooking Club, six friends who have been cooking together every Monday morning since 2006.

Their first book, Monday Morning Cooking Club – The Food, The Stories, The Sisterhood, was the realisation of their mission to compile the best recipes from the best cooks in the Sydney Jewish community. And succeed they did – the book is bursting with delicious recipes, stories about the recipes from the cooks who contributed them, and gorgeous photos of the food.

I spoke to Lisa Goldberg from the MMCC ahead of the group’s appearance at the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival in 2012.

Joining in on the conversation was Rebbetzin Naomi Avital, formally of the Chabad of the ACT. Rebbetzin Avital offered a religious perspective on the role that food plays in Jewish culture and society.

Listen now:

You can find the MMCC’s egg and onion recipe which we talked about here.

The latest edition of Monday Morning Cooking Club – The Food, The Stories, The Sisterhood was published by HarperCollins. Their new book, Monday Morning Cooking Club – The Feast Goes On, is also published by HarperCollins.

Interview broadcasted on ArtSound FM.
Interview broadcast date: 23 August 2012.

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