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Take one brilliant tea designer. Add a gutsy woman newly separated from her husband. Sprinkle in another woman recently fired. Brew for 359 pages and you have a delightful first novel from author Josephine Moon.

The Tea Chest interweaves the stories of Kate, Leila and Elizabeth, who come together to realise Kate’s dream of opening a boutique tea shop in London. It’s a book about love, friendship, discovering strengths you didn’t realise you had, and of course – tea.

I spoke to Josephine Moon ahead of the release of her book on 26 March.

Listen now:

The Tea Chest is written by Josephine Moon and published by Allen and Unwin.

Interview broadcasted on ArtSound FM.
Interview broadcast date: 22 March 2014.

UPDATE 2 April 2014
You’ve listened to the interview, now read the article: Josephine offers an insight into the editing of The Tea Chest and the editing process all books published by a mainstream publisher go through.

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