No place like home

Having explored the concept of personal space and safe distance in an exhibition that featured photos of Canberrans waiting in queues in public spaces, artist Jacklyn Peters decided to get more intimate with the subjects of her most recent work. You could say that it was an exhibition much closer to home.

For The Neighbourhood Project, Jacklyn drew portraits of the houses on her street and the residents of those houses. She interviewed these neighbours of hers, and not only did a picture emerge of the motley mix who make up her street in Kaleen – Jacklyn formed friendships with these people, whom she otherwise might never have spoken to.

From a dog psychologist (who doesn’t own any dogs) to a couple who have made it their goal to visit every river in Australia that Kaleen’s streets are named after – it’s a diverse street indeed.

For the Canberrans out there, The Neighbourhood Project is currently showing at the Belconnen Arts Centre and will be running until 9 March.

Listen now:

Interview broadcasted on ArtSound FM.
Interview date: 19 February 2014.

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