Talking brain food with Dr Karl

Dr Karl has long reigned as Australia’s public face – and voice – of science.

As Triple J’s resident Thursday morning scientist, Dr Karl has answered innumerate questions ranging from the absurd to the profound. Within Australia, he has arguably done for peer-reviewed literature what Anthony Bourdain has done for Vietnam.

Dr Karl has also conducted serious scientific investigations, such as his study of belly button lint, which won him an Ig Nobel Prize in 2002.

His book Brain Food sheds light on topics including why chips taste so darn good and delves into the murky territory of fecal transplants. In 2012, he was a guest at the Sydney Writers Festival, which was the occasion for my conversation with him.

Listen now:

Brain Food is written by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and published by Pan Macmillan.

Interview broadcasted on ArtSound FM.
Interview date: 1 May 2012.
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