Angels and demons: Conflux 8 radio special

You’ve heard of Comic Con, but do you know Conflux?

Australian lovers of sci-fi, fantasy and horror certainly do. It’s Canberra’s annual speculative fiction convention, drawing top Australian and international authors and artists of speculative fiction for a series of workshops, panel discussions and more.

I attended Conflux 8 in 2012 and had the pleasure of speaking to one of its organisers, author Nicole Murphy and acclaimed American author Jack Dann. I also caught up with writer and historian Gillian Polack to discuss the Conflux banquets she has curated, themed to historical periods such as the prohibition era and Regency Gothic.

Finally, I talked to director Pat Gallagher about his zombie film Theatre of the Dead, which got a Canberra release in November 2013.

These interviews from Conflux 8 were broadcast as a special edition of the show Artyfacts on ArtSound FM.

Listen now:
Part 1

Part 2

Air date: 6 October 2012.

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