Three authors. First books. Three kinds of success.

Meet Will Kostakis. His first book Loathing Lola was published when he was just 17. Or Holly Hill, whose book Sugarbabe: The controversial real story of a woman in search of a sugar daddy not only sold tens of thousands of copies in Australia alone, but also saw Holly front shows like Larry King and Dr Phil.

Then there’s Andrew Croome. He won the Vogel Award in 2008 for his first book, Document Z, about the Petrov affair.

I set about exploring the commonalities in the experiences of these three authors and the success of their first books, how their lives changed with their different brands of success and asked what they would have chosen for themselves if that had been possible.

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Loathing Lola is written by Will Kostakis and published by Penguin.

Sugarbabe is written by Holly Hill and published by Random House.

Document Z is written by Andrew Croome and published by Allen & Unwin.

Article published in the September 2012 edition of ACTWrite magazine, by the ACT Writers Centre.

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