This is not a self-help book: Fit, Fifty and Fired Up

Over the last decade, Nigel Marsh has written and published three books that chronicle his journey from Fat Forty to Fit Fifty. From being an overweight, overworked, then unemployed advertising executive to someone who had regained his fitness, rediscovered what was important to him and best of all, reconnected with his family.

In narrating his path to self-discovery and fitness, in his trademark self-deprecating and humorous way, Nigel picked up a few followers. Or so. His first book Fat, Forty and Fired became a bestseller – so successful that it was enough to secure him interested publishers for his subsequent two books. His TEDxSydney talk on work-life balance became the most watched of the series.

He uses his books, public talks and interviews to tell people about what worked for him in achieving balance and happiness – but he’s insistent that what worked for him may not work for everyone. In fact, he shuns the self-help label.

This article is about why Nigel is reticent about being lumped in the self-help category, yet all the while… he does actually want to help people.

Read now: This is not a self-help book: one man’s journey from Fat Forty to Fit Fifty

Fit, Fifty and Fired Up is Nigel Marsh’s latest book, and it’s published by Allen & Unwin.

Article published in the October 2013 edition of ACTWrite magazine, by the ACT Writers Centre.

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