Half a Page of Scribbled Lines


How to be single

Charleston, South Carolina. Thanksgiving 2012. It was the first of two times that year that I would spend a calendar holiday with a group of strangers. An adopted family, for just that night. We were the United Colours of Benetton, an international Rat Pack of travellers and wanderers. One guy was collecting passport stamps the […]

How to be wrong

Today marks Day 8 in my stand-off with my friend W. We were engaged in a debate which stretched over two days; a debate which veered into argument territory. It was a debate held over Whatsapp because W lives in Sydney, so we can’t duke it out in person. It was an argument over something […]

The way we were

On my kitchen floor are five shopping bags stuffed with old clothes. The oldest garment dates back to around 2007. All had been relegated to the storage room, where they had been hidden away in my wardrobe-cum-departure lounge. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll take the clothes to Vinnies the past three years. Every year, […]

All the days before tomorrow

I knew someone once who hated photographs. He didn’t like having his picture taken – even though he was, by all accounts, a great looking guy. But he also didn’t like having photographs of other people. In fact, he didn’t like the whole idea of photos, because regardless of what it is that’s in frame, […]

Someone to watch over me

The second-most touristy thing I did when I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia, in early 2014 was go on a mini-cruise down Tonie Sap Lake. The most touristy thing I did of course was visit Angkor Wat. On the drive back from the lake, we passed by the homes that were straddling the roadside. They […]

All my friends

My friend T has a borderline insulting view on friendships. Insulting because we’re friends, and he puts me in the particular category I’m about to explain. Borderline because, well, he can’t help what he feels, right? ‘When I’m not in the company of someone, when we’re done catching up, they just disappear from my mind,’ […]